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These are the top directories that accept free submissions. Listing your web site within these directories may help improve your link popularity and aid in getting your site spidered by Google, Yahoo & Bing plus other search engines.

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More About Web Directories

Web directories are a type of Internet search engine which use human editors to review, edit and list websites based on their topic and categories. Sites are listed within the most appropriate category or a new category may be added if none are applicable. Many directories rely on volunteer editors who contribute to the development of the directory for no cost, while others have paid employees who edit listings submitted and browse the web for new additions. Directory listings may be important for some search engine marketing, as many search engines use directories within their results and often spider them to include websites. For example, Google uses as its directory, so if you are listed with then you will also be listed within Google's website directory. Additionally search engines are commonly thought to trust the content included within diretories more because the listings have been approved by editors.

01 Web Directory provides free and paid directory listings.

Only some categories have a free option.

Typically the top level categories do not have the free option available.

To submit your site, locate the relevant category and select the submit url link. If there is a free option for that category, toward the bottom of the submit url page will be an option selected as -

Free Standard Submission
Note that they state "We can not give any assurance of time by which your site will be reviewed." Select the following to view a test of their free submission. We submitted this site and monitored free inclusion was provided. Expect 3 to 6 months.

Resources & Links

At the time of review [January 2007] this directory has a PageRank (PR) 5 for its homepage and PR 4 for subpages, which is pretty impressive compared to many other directories. Deeper levels allow free submissions, while higher levels cost $49. Since the deep level have high PR, its definitely worth submitting your site to. The homepage has little icon/pictures symbolizing the categories. I think this distinguishes the site from other generically templated directories. Contributed By -

MasterMOZ Directory

Unique web directory with social networking features and patent pending review and rating system. Free to list one site. Winner 2007 WebAward - Standard of Excellence for Directory

A searchable directory of various topics, each run by an expert guide. Requesting to be included is free, but not all sites are included. stresses quality over quantity.

To be considered for a listing, find the category that is most relevant to your site. Then, send an email message to the guide requesting that you be included.

Make sure to identify the guide that is most relevant to your website and remember that you are emailing a human on the other end ... so be kind.

Resources & Links
Editor | Demographics

Reviews & Comments
Each expert blogs at least three times per week. It is often best to email the expert and establish communication regarding something that will be worthy of their audience's interest. The more specific the topic is to your site, the more likely you will be included. If you have a product or service, you may want to consider providing it free of charge so that they may publish a review.

Open Directory Project

The Open Directory Project (ODP), also known as DMOZ, is a volunteer built and maintained directory currently owned by AOL. ODP is more important than most for search engine marketers because Google and many others use it for the source of their directory listings. To submit your site, you will need to find the most appropriate category. Don't try and submit to a top level category, drill down through the general categories to find the most specific category you can for your site. Before submitting, it is a good idea to review the guidelines. Known for often taking a long time to approve submittals, there are steps you can take to increase the likelihood that your submission is accepted.

Related Forum Topics
DMOZ Submission Backlog

Resources & Links
| Guidelines | How To Submit | Categories | Editor | Forum

Reviews & Comments
Select a category that has an editor currently assigned. Consider selecting a regional category based on location. Submitting your site more than once will not help and may hinder inclusion. You will not be notified if your site is accepted or rejected. Search the directory to check.

Free Directories From Our Members

DirectoryM: Submit your business to this free content directory.

Pet Directory: includes websites that are pet related

New UK Directory: Launching April 2010. Submit your free listing now.

Veterans Directory: Businesses owned by veterans of the US military.


Gimpsy has limited free submissions due to overload, although they do open the queue periodically for submittals.

An Internet directory that only holds carefully reviewed interactive sites, using a unique action based classification method that involves at least two editors reviewing each website included. Gimpsy does provide free site submission. Be sure and review their submission guidelines.

In particular, only sites with interactive functionality are accepted. Professional editors who review the listings frequently determine classification and edit title and description submitted. Frequently sites qualify to be classified within multiple categories.

Other Free Offers
Reciprocal Promotion Agreement

Resources & Links
Free Submit | Guidelines | Forum

Reviews & Comments
The site currently states the following status -

"We will have the option available at least once per week but we aim to have it open once / day."

Check free submit to see if available now or for their notice providing the current status and further explanation.


A volunteer edited website directory which reports they have almost 200,000 websites listed. Sites included within the directory are reviewed based on a variety of criteria including presentation, ease of use, and reliability of information.

To submit your site, first check to see if it is listed by searching. If not, then drill down to the most appropriate category and select "Add your Site to this Category". Many top level categories do not have an add your site option. Guidelines are provided within the submission

Resources & Links
Guidelines | Editor

Reviews & Comments
If you have many sites to submit, Illumirate suggests you apply to become an editor. Level 1 editor priveleges include adding sites and opinions to their database. The editor application process is easy, requiring user information along with submitting an example listing. Previously known as


Directory with 30 languages and 30,000+ categories supported by volunteer editors. As of Jan 07 they report 368,713 listed. Navigate to the most specific category related to your website and select the "Add site" link located at the bottom of the page. Editor Forum.

Human edited general research directory allowing users to search, rate, submit, and review sites.

Wow Directory

World, local and regional search engine and directory featuring one of the webs most comprehensive topic structures and free submission.

Directories That Provide Free Listings For Editors

The following directories provide free inclusion only to individuals who sign up to be an editor or guide.


Free for editors only. To submit your url find the category that best suits your site and look for the submit link. You will then be provided a page which has an option to become an editor for free inclusion.

Skaffe is a searchable human edited international directory with family safe viewing filtered for spam and adult content. If you have a non english site this is one of the few directories that accepts regional listings for websites with no english. In addition to the default English directory, they also provide directories in Espaņol, Dutch, Norsk and Russian

Resources & Links
How To Submit | Guidelines | Status

Reviews & Comments
Online since October 2003, Skaffe has an organized community of volunteer editors who maintain the directory. Select here for more about becoming volunteer editor.

Editors are provided privileges to add sites, categorize listings, edit site titles and descriptions plus rate sites.


A volunteer run and edited directory. You will need to find the most appropriate category for listing your site and then look for the "Add URL" link. This will lead you to a page with two options for submission - one free, one paid. For free submissions, you'll have to become a "Guide." Anyone can become a Guide and you won't be required to submit any more sites if you don't want to. Submission guidelines.

Search, find and dig exactly what you're looking for by subject or boolean. is about providing a directory of quality sites for Internet users. Our goal is to list the best sites for a wide variety of topics giving our users the most relevant results for their searches. To submit your site, drill down to the most appropriate category and find the "Become an Editor" link. You have to be an editor to submit to, but anyone can become one and you are required to submit any more sites if you don't want to. Submission guidelines.


Web-Beacon is a virtual community made up of people from all over the world brought together by common goals: to build and maintain a directory of the highest quality and give each and every member a voice in its growth and operation.

Website Directories Free Only For Non Commercial Sites

These directories provide free inclusion only to non commercial websites. Commercial websites must pay a fee to be included.

Team Skaffe

A directory provided from Skaffe offering free submission for non commercial web sites. Skaffe defines non commercial as any website that does not sell products or services and/or is not used to make a profit. View non commercial guidelines.


Yahoo! now charges for all commercial submissions to their directory. But, if your site is not commercial and you don't mind waiting months to be included, you can still submit your site for free. Just drill down to the most appropriate category and look for the "Suggest a Site" link.