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Employee Attendance Sheet
Word document. Daily attendance sheet for an employee. Each month is listed within a column while each day of the month is provided within a row. At the end of the form are fields for vacation and sick time to be added or deducted.
An excel spreadsheet with sheets for a two week and three week time frame. Additional sheet provides instructions and examples. Multiply time in and time out fields are provided along with functions to calculate total time. Additional fields are provided for special time such as sick and vacation time. Functions calculate total hours. Published online by Bibb County Board of Education
This file is in pdf format and allows you to enter and save data. Fields are provided for each employee along with the day of the month listed from left to right. Instructions follow to designate time off with a mark and codes for type of time off. Published online by State of Illinois Department of Human Services.
An excel file with a sheet provided for each employee. Each row contains a month, while days of the month are provided in columns across the page. Codes are provided to note days such as sick time and vacation leave.

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