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ATV Blue Book Question

Value Of A 1998 Honda Recon 4 Wheeler/quad


There are multiple options to find the value of a used 1998 Honda Recon. When possible, always check as many sources to verify the values provided. Here are directions for finding a used ATV's value with both NADA and Kelley Blue Book.

NADA Guides
  1. Go to []
  2. Select the link for [Motorcycles] at []
  3. Select the link for [ATVs]
  4. Select the link for the manufacturer [Honda]
  5. Select the pull down menu for the year [1998]
  6. Select the link for the model and trim [TRX250W Recon]
  7. Select the check boxes based on options
  8. View values (suggested list price, low and average retail)
Kelley Blue Book
  1. Go to []
  2. Select the link for [Motorcycles] at []
  3. Select the link for the make [Honda]
  4. Select the link for the year [1998]
  5. Select the link for the model and trim [TRX250 Recon]
  6. Select the link for [Trade In Value] or [Retail Value]
  7. View values (trade in value, suggested retail value)
When we check, based on our location/zip code, the following values are provided:


Suggested list price in 1998 was $3799

Low Retail: $595
Avg Retail: $785


Trade In Value: $665
Suggested Retail Price: $1085

When determining the price, you should consider the condition along with the supply and demand. With an ATV that is 17 years old, the amount of wear and tear on individual parts will determine it's value. The above high price listed by KBB is based on an ATV that is in excellent condition and sold by a dealer. Many ATVs this old may not run, nor should an individual selling to another individual expect the higher prices demanded by an ATV dealer. If your ATV is in good condition, you might expect between $595-665. If your Recon is in top condition, then it will demand a higher price ranging from $785-1085.

May 29, 2015

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