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ATV Blue Book Question

Value of a 1994 Kawasaki ATV, Bayou 400


In your case, you will want to use NADA to find a blue book value for free. Kelley Blue Book ( does publish used values of Kawasaki ATVs, but they only date back to 1995. Here is how to find a value for your 1994 Kawasaki Bayou 400.

  1. Go to []
  2. Select the link for [Motorcycles] []
  3. Select the link for [ATVs]
  4. Select the link for [Kawasaki]
  5. Select the link for the year [1994]
  6. Select the link for the model/trim [KLF400B2 BAYOU 4X4]
  7. View values (Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor)
Based on our research of the blue book price, using our zip code for location, we were provided a range of prices from $395 in fair condition to $2605 in excellent condition. A good condition ATV would run $850. There is a large range of values for this ATV based on the condition. You will want to familiarize yourself with the condition of your ATV, along with how each value is defined by NADA to make sure that your valuation is accurate. Since there is not additional free blue book values published online for this ATV, we also recommend verifying pricing with another source. This could be by viewing completed sales on ebay, calling a local ATV dealer to inquire, or reviewing classified advertising sites with similar 1994 Kawasaki ATVs. Because your ATV is older than 20 years, there is often limited information when researching used values.

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