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ATV Blue Book Question

How Much Should A 2007 Honda 400ex Cost If It Is Not Broken, But Not Starting


With an ATV that is 8 years old, but not starting, you will likely want to identify why it is not starting when determining how much it should cost. There could be many different reasons, and each could carry a different cost to repair before the ATV will work again. In any case, the cost published online for free will not incorporate the cost of repairs. These repair expenses should be factored into your final cost.

You can find blue book prices with both NADA and KBB for a 2007 Honda ATV.

  1. Go to []
  2. Select the link for [Motorcycles] []
  3. Select the link for [ATVs]
  4. Select the link for [Honda]
  5. Select the link for the year [2007]
  6. Select the link for the model/trim [TRX400EX7]
  7. Select the check boxes based on options
  8. View values (suggested list price, low and average retail)
  1. Go to []
  2. Select the link for [Motorcycles] at []
  3. Select the link for the make [Honda]
  4. Select the link for the year [2007]
  5. Select the link for the model and trim [TRX400EX]
  6. Select the link for [Trade In Value] or [Retail Value]
  7. View values (trade in value, suggested retail value)

Suggested list price in 2007 was $5999

Low Retail: $1655
Avg Retail: $2175


Trade In Value: $1565
Suggested Retail Price: $2330

When you consider the price ranges above between $1565-1655, that is based on the ATV being in a condition that at least starts. With the ATV in this condition or better, you can expect a cost of this much or higher based on these two blue book publications. A 2007 Honda 400EX in excellent condition would cost above $2000.

May 31, 2015

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