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ATV Blue Book Question

What is a 1984 125 Honda three Wheeler value


Used values for that three wheeler start at $160 if it is in running condition, and go as high as $630 if in excellent condition. Here are the steps we took to find a value from NADA for a 1984 Honda Three Wheeler with 125cc.

NADA Guides
  1. Go to []
  2. Select the link for [Motorcycles] at []
  3. Select the link for [ATVs]
  4. Select the link for the manufacturer [Honda]
  5. Select the pull down menu for the year [1984]
  6. Select the link for the model and trim [ATC125M]
  7. View values (Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor)
Excellent $630, Very Good $490, Good $280, Fair $160.

These values were researched based on our location (zip code). We also researched Kelley Blue Book, but were unable to find a value for the ACT125M made by Honda in 1984.

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