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Blue Book Values

What Is The Value Of A 1998 Dutchmen Classic Travel Trailer - 36' With Slide

You can value a 1998 Dutcmen Classic Travel Trailer with NADA Guides.

Kelley Blue Book also provides values for travel trailers but they are not published online. In addition to the information provided, you will also need the model and any options/features to determine the used value.

NADA Blue Book

To begin, select the section for [Recreational Vehicles] on the NADA Guides website.

Select [Travel Trailers/5th Wheels].

RV manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order, so select [D] for Dutchmen.

Select the year [1998] for the year your travel trailer was manufactured.

You are then provided the various models of travel trailers manufactured by Dutchmen during 1998.

Select the model that coincides with your travel trailer.

You are then provided a checklist to specify which options your recreational vehicle include.

After you specify options and features the click the button [GET USED VALUE].

Upon submitting the option you are provided a low and average blue book price by NADA Guides along with a listing of the options specified with their associated value.

Blue Book Values
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