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Blue Book Values

Bluebook Price On A 1995 Lance Overhead Camper In Great Condition For A Long Bed

The value of a truck slide camper manufactured by Lance in 1995 can be obtained by NADA Guides for free.

Kelley Blue Book also provides values for campers, but KBB does not publish these values online. NADA Blue Book

Since a truck camper is consdidered a [Recreational Vehicle] you will want to first select that section of the website.

On NADA's page for recreational vehicles you will a see a heading [RV PRICING]. Directly under that heading there are links providing different types of RVs.

Select the link for [Truck Campers].

Select [L] from this page since that is the first letter of the manufacturer - Lance.

This list RV truck camper manufacturers who's name begins with the letter L.

Scroll down and note the heading for Lance. Select the year your truck camper was manufactured - [1995].

From there you are presented with a variety of Lance truck campers manufactured in 1995. Select the model and size for your camper. Once you select the model of your Lance camper, you are provided a page to specify the options your campers have. Specify those by selecting each checkmark appropriate. After you have selected the options, click the button [GET USED VALUE] and you will be provided NADA Guides blue book value for your 1995 lance camper. Since your camper is in great condition you should consider pricing more towards the average versus low retail prices provided. Also consider local geographic supply and demand for the camper to buy or sell it.

Blue Book Values
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