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Blue Book Values

Where Can I Find The Value For A 1997 Sea Doo Jet Ski

Both Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guides provide used values for watercraft such as jet skis.

This page provides instructions for NADA blue book prices. Select the following link for instructions with Kelley Blue Book.

NADA Guides

To view jet ski values provided by NADA Guides, select the category for [Boats] from their home page.

Under the heading [Boat Pricing], select the link for [Personal Watercraft].

From this page select the first letter of the manufacturer name.

In this case, click the link for [S] which is the first letter of SeaDoo/Bombadier.

Scroll down this page until you see the heading [SEA DOO/BOMBARDIER].

Select the year - [1997].

You are then provided the models of watercraft manufactured by Sea Doo during 1997.

Select the model of your Sea Doo. Note that the length is also provided to select the appropriate jet ski value.

After you select the model, you are provided the specifications for the jet ski. Scroll down to view options that are included with your jet ski. This may include a cover, electronics and other optional equipment.

Now that you have specified the year, make, model and options, click the button [GET USED VALUE]

NADA will then provide you with their blue book value for your jet ski. This includes low and average retail values along with the value of each option you specified.

About Jet Ski Trailers

You should also consider if the value of the trailer is included and a factor in pricing your Sea Doo jet ski.

In this caes with a 1997 Sea Doo jet skis, NADA Guides does include the trailer within the blue book values for Challenger, Speedster and Sportster models. The other Sea Doo model blue book values do not include the trailer.

NADA vs Kelley Blue Book

Compare values provided by NADA vs Kelley Blue Book to determine the most accurate use value estimates available.

Blue Book Values
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