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Blue Book Values

How Can I Find The Value Of A 1987 Allegro RV

The easiest way to find the used value for a 1987 Allegro RV online for free is to reference NADA Guides. While both NADA & Kelley Blue Book provide values for large motorhomes like your Allegro RV, only NADA publishes these values online and available for free. To determine the blue book value NADA currently assigns to your Allegro RV, there are a few details that you will need to have at hand. These include -

1) Manufacturer = Allegro
2) Year Manufactured = 1987
3) Series & Size =
4) Options & Features =

In addition to the above you will also want to consider the condition and location of your RV along with any non standard features that may not be taken into consideration.

NADA Blue Book

From the NADA Guides website select the section for [Recreational Vehicles].

From the RV section select NADA's link for [Motor Homes] located under the heading RV Pricing.

This page provides a list of the alphabet to select the first letter of the motorhome manufacturer's name.

Since Allegro starts with an [A] , select that link. This provides you a list of all [Motor Home] manufacturers that begin with the letter A.

Scroll down the page until you get to the heading [ALLEGRO]. You will see a list of years there from 1975 to 2008.

Select the year of your Motorhome - [1987].

From here select the model and size of your 1987 Allegro recreational vehicle.

You will then be prompted to enter the mileage and specify the options for your vehicle.

Once you have entered that data, then select the button that states [GET USED VALUE].

Upon submitting that you will be provided the NADA blue book value for your 1987 Allegro RV.

NADA Guides provides both a low and average value, along with listing out line item values for the mileage and options that you specified.

Kelley Blue Book also provides used values for RV's such as your 1987 Allegro, and these values may differ from NADA's. Kelley Blue Book does not publish RV values online though, so they are only available by contacting a dealer or accessing through their printed book publications. KBB books are available also by subscription.

Blue Book Values
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