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Blue Book Values

What Is The Blue Book Value For A 2004 Kawasaki Ninja 6R

Both Kelley Blue Book and NADA provide used values for a Ninja 6R. Kelley Blue Book

As of March 14, 2008 when this answer was completed, KBB listed the base value for your motorcycle at $3960 for a trade in value and $5740 suggested retail value. These values do not factor in mileage, options or the condition of the Kawasaki Ninja 6R.

From the KBB home page, select their section for [Motorcycles].

Kelley Blue Book then prompts you to select [Trade In] or [Retail] value.

The following steps of this example will use the retail value selection.

Select the year of the motorcycle - [2004].

You are then presented a list of motorcycle manufacturers during 2004 in alphabetical order.

Select the link for [Kawasaki].

You are then provided a list of Kawasaki motorcycles manufactured in 2004. This list is divided by type - street, dirt, etc.

Scroll down to the [STREET] heading and select the link for the [ZX636B2 NinjaZX-6R].

You are provided with the base value of the motorcycle you specified.

Consider mileage, condition and location also when determining the value of a used Kawasaki Ninja 6R.

Blue Book Values
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