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Blue Book Values

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How Can I Determine The Value Of A 1998 Honda 250 ATV

Both Kelley Blue Book & NADA provide used ATV values online.

NADA Guides only provides values for ATVs manufactured between 2004 to 2008

Since your ATV was manufactured in 1998, you may use the Kelley Blue Book website to determine the value for free.

KBB provides values for ATVs dating back to 1970.

1998 Honda TRX 250 Recon

Retail Value

Trade In Value

Source:, 2008 March 16

Kelley Blue Book

The above blue book values were attained as follows.

KBB classifies ATVs under their motorcycle section.

From the Kelley Blue Book home page select the link for [Motorcycle]

Blue Book Values
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