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Blue Book Values

I Need The Kelley Blue Book Value For A Honda Shadow Spirit 1100

Kelley Blue Book

Free blue book values are available from Kelley Blue Book for motorcycles. To determine the Kelley Blue Book value of a Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 motorcycle you need to select the [Motorcycle] section within the KBB website.

You are then presented a page to specify if you would like to view Trade In or Retail Value. [Trade In] or [Retail] value.

You are then provided a page to select the year of your motorcycle.

Once you select the year, you are provided a list of manufacturers to select the make of the motorcycle [Honda].

The following page provides the models of Honda motorcycles. Scroll down and you will see motorcycles are divided by type and the Shadow Spirit 1100 is listed under the section of [Street] motorcycles.

Select [VT1100C Shadow Spirit].

This will provide you the value based on good condition and the specification you defined above.

Details such as the number of cylinders are also be provided.

In addition to referring to Kelley Blue Book, compare the blue book value provided by [NADA Guides] as they also provide free blue book values for Honda motorcycles online. Because each company uses a proprietary method to calculate their used values you may find that estimates of used values may differ between blue books.

From the above NADA Guides page you will want to select the year of your Honda motorcycle. Then scroll down and select [Shadow]. The following page will have a link for [Spirit]. Select that to view the base price provided by NADA Guides. You may also select the options provided to determine a more accurate value for your motorcycle based on standard features.

Blue Book Values
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