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Blue Book Values

Is There A Blue Book For Used Guitar Values Available Online

If you are willing to pay for the service, it is possible to get used values for guitars online. Because of the cost of these services, those who are looking to determine the value of less expensive or popular guitars may find it helpful to view the current prices at an auction website like eBay for free. Guitar Appraisal


This service allows you to submit the details of your guitar and receive an appraisal for a fee.

Upon completion of the appraisal a hard copy of the value is mailed to you.

Guitar Blue Book


This website provides a subscription service which allows you to access blue book guitar values online.

Subscriptions are available for a 24 hour period or 1 year period.

24 hour subscriptions run $14.95 for guitar prices and separate access for $12.95 to view guitar amps for one year.

Blue Book Values
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