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Blue Book Values

I Would Like To Know What Price A 1996 Fold Down Pop Up Camper Lists For

The first step to determine the price of a fold down pop up camper from 1996 is to use the NADA website where they provide free camper values online. In order to complete this process you will need the following details ready -

1) Year Camper Was Manufactured
2) Camper Manufacturer
3) Model and Size of Camper
4) Camper Options & Features NADA Guides

NADA's values for used fold down pop up campers are going to be listed under the recreational vehicle category of the NADA website within the "Camping Trailers" section. You may view this at the following url ->c=ct

From this page, you need to identify the manufacturer of the camper.

Select the letter of the alphabet with which the manufacturer name begins. (e.g. C for Coleman).

Once you have selected the first letter of the manufacturer name you will be presented with a list of recreational vehicle manufacturers in alphabetical order and the years that they have manufactured camping trailers.

View the manufacturer of your pop up camper, then select the year (e.g. 1996) your camper was manufactured listed under their name.

At this point you are presented with the various models the manufacturer made during this year.

Select the link that displays the model and size of your camper (e.g. YUKON - 21' 11" x 7' 3").

To determine the most accurate used value then select from the checkboxes for each option/feature your camper has.

If you do not select any of the options or features you will be provided only the base price.

Once you have specified your options, then select the button "Get Used Value".

NADA will then provide you with their used value for your 1996 fold down pop up camper.

This includes a base price for "Low Retail Value" and "Average Retail Value". Additionally, each of the options or features is listed with line item prices and totaled at the bottom to determine the NADA value of your camper.

Now that you have received the NADA blue book value, you may want to consider adjusting the price based on any options or features that are not standard. Additionally, you should consider adjustments to the price based on the quality of the camper along with where the camper is located.

Blue Book Values
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