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RV Blue Book
Blue Book
Kelly Blue BookNoYes
NADA GuidesYesYes

RV Bluebook

Kelley Blue Book RV Values Are Not Available Online

While Kelley Blue Book does provide blue book values for many RV's, at this time those prices are not published online.

Kelley Blue Book notes on their website that RV prices ... including motorhomes, travel trailers, campers, etc are not available and there are not current plans to provide these values online.

Kelley Blue Book provides values within their print publications for recreational vehicles.

These are available from bookstores or by purchasing a subscription membership online.

Where To Find A Free RV Blue Book


RV blue book values are available on the Internet - for free - from NADA Guides. Realize that RV is a common abreviation for Recreation Vehicle and many different varieties exist. From the luxury motorhome cruisers to the pick up truck slide in campers, most of these are available online for free from NADA Guides. NADA Guides pricing for recreational vehicles (RVs) are categorized by type (i.e. camper) then alpha numeric selections are provided to view a listing by manufacturer.

Upon navigating to the manufacturer of the RV you may then select the year and further to designate specifications for your recreational vehicles. We recommend that you compare blue book prices for an RV with more than one publisher and consider local variables plus demand.

The following chart provides a listing of the top RV manufacturers within the United States. For each manufacturer, we list online access for their RV dealer locator, owners club, website and brochures and/or manuals.

Select an RV manufacturer to view their current model line, or more information about their company.

Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers
RV Manufacturer
RV Clubs
Brochures, Etc
Fleetwood RV Dealers RV Club Website Online, Printed
Keystone RV Dealers RV Club Website Owners Manual
Forest River RV Dealers RV Club Website Online Brochures
Coachman RV Dealers RV Club Website Online or Printed
Jayco RV Dealers RV Club Website Printed
Gulfstream RV Dealers RV Club Website Online
Thor RV NA NA Website NA
Newmar RV Dealers RV Club Website Images
Winnebago RV Dealers RV Club Website Manuals, Online
Monaco RV Dealers RV Club Website Printed, Online

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