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Manufactured Home Blue Book

Blue book prices for manufactured homes are published online and in print by NADA Guides. NADA currently charges $20 for blue book values of manufactured homes provided online.

NADA Guides
Manufactured Housing Value Report
Cost: $20 per report
Range: 1973 to 2010

View sample report

Here are NADA Guides other publications related to manufactured homes

NADA Guides
Manufactured Housing Cost Guide
Current: May 2010
Next: September 2010
Cost: $136 per year (3)
Range: 1971 to 2010

The above guide is also available as a CD-ROM

NADA Guides
Manufactured Housing Cost CD-ROM
Current: May 2010
Next: September 2010
Cost: $196 per year (3)
Range: 1971 to 2010

NADA also provides an appraisal system

NADA Guides
Manufactured Housing National Appraisal System
Cost: $300

Where can I find a list of manufactured home manufacturers

View a list of manufacturers provided by NADA. List of manufacturer includes address and phone number. Select link providing first letter of manufacturer name to view details. This list of manufacturers is based on the current publication dated May 2010.

Is There A Free Website To Lookup Home Values

There is a private company that provides free mobile home and manufactured home values. This service takes your information submitted and responds with your estimated value at a later time.

JCF Lending Group

See NADA Answer Worksheet (pdf) for assistance along with their webpage.

Are There Other Manufactured Home Blue Book Values

MH Village
A leader in the manufactured home and mobile home marketplace. They provide a valuation service for a fee of $17.95 that provides you a blue book value of your mobile home or manufactured home. Included in this service is a free market analysis report that provides area information that can be used to value a home.

Manufactured Home Owners Network
$29.95 fee for appraisal value report provided within 3 business days.

Does Kelley Blue Book Provide Manufactured Home Values

Kelley Blue Book does not provide blue book values for manufactured homes.

Manufactured Home Blue Book
Blue Book
Kelly Blue BookNoNo
NADA GuidesPaidYes
Type of Bluebook Value
Blue Book  

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