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David / ATV

2008 Kawasaki KFX 700

It has 52 hours on it, how much is it worth

Kawasaki ATVBlue Book

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That is very low hours if the ATV has been well maintained. Adjust your pricing accordingly. We have outlined directions to find used values in both NADA and KBB. You'll need to specify your location with a zip code along with options to determine your price. Additionally, we found model numbers that extend beyond what was provided. NADA categorizes it as an Utility ATV and has a model number of KFV700A8F. Alternatively, Kelley Blue Book has two model numbers: KSV700A KFX700, KSV700B KFX700. We've used the KSV700A KFX700 for the example that follows to find used values.

NADA Guides

Go to [www.nadaguides.com]

Select = [Motorcycles]

Select = [ATVs]

Select Make = [Kawasaki]

Select Year = [2008]

Select Model = [KFV700A8F KFX 700]

Enter Zip Code = [00000]

Options = [Select]

[Get base values]

Suggested list price = $6499
Low retail = $1985
Average retail = $2610

Kelley Blue Book

Go to [www.kbb.com]

Select = [Motorcycles]

Select = [4-Wheel ATV]

Select Make = [Kawasaki]

Select Year = [2008]

Select Model = [KSV700A KFX 700]

[Trade In Value] / [Typical Listing Price]

Typical Listing Price = $3415
Trade In Value = $2325

NADA Guides


2008 Kawasaki KFX 700

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