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Market Rank: 73

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Last 5 Used Values
2016 PJ U7
2019 PJ Norstar
2007 PJ 518
2009 PJ Dump
2009 PJ Utility

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1807 FM 2352
Sumner, TX 75486

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2020 PJ 7x16
Trailer for $10000 in
Milo, ME 04463

14k Dump 7x16



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2015 PJ Dump


1993 PJ 2AX2

What is the value of this utility trailer

2005 PJ HT 20

What is the value of the listed equipment trailer

2004 PJ Utility

Book value

2010 PJ Flatbed

How do I know what my flatbed/car trailer is worth?

2014 PJ CC202

PJ trailer is in great shape, hardly used. Been stored for the majority. Just trying to get a value on it.


PJ Blue Book Value

12ft Trailer
14ft. Dump Trailer Trailer
15 Ft Trailer
16 Dove Tail Flat Bed Trailer
21 Ft Trailer
30 Trailer
4 Wheel Gooseneck Trailer
47718DG Trailer
48316 Trailer
518 Trailer
7714 Trailer
8318 Trailer
B5 Trailer
Buggy Hauler Trailer
C4182 Trailer
C5 Trailer
C5202 Trailer
CH182 Trailer
D9163 Trailer
Deck Over Trailer
DL142 Trailer
Dump Trailer Trailer
F8222 Trailer
Flat Bed Car Hauler Trailer
Flatbed Tandem Axle 24" Trailer
HT 20 Trailer
LD402 Trailer
T8222 Trailer
Tilt Trailer
Tilt Bed Trailer
Tilt T8222 Trailer
Tri-axel Dump Trailer Trailer
U7121 Trailer
U8141 Trailer
UL142 Trailer

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PJ Values

2016 PJ U7
2019 PJ Norstar
2007 PJ 518
2009 PJ Dump
2009 PJ Utility
2008 PJ C5182
2018 PJ UT
2013 PJ Car Hauler
2018 PJ U5
2016 PJ 6x12
2009 PJ 2A
2019 PJ F8 Deckover
2011 PJ F8222
2014 PJ 25 Ft
2015 PJ FD