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Sundowner Blue Book Value

Sundowner Values
Market Rank: 123

- Horse Trailer
- Trailer

Last 5 Used Values
1995 Sundowner Sierra Sunlight
2006 Sundowner 777
2001 Sundowner 8010
1993 Sundowner 720
2007 Sundowner Sunlite 727

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Sundowner Trailers, Inc
9805 OK Hwy 48 South
Coleman, OK 73432

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What You Need To Know


KBB (Kelley Blue Book) does not provide used values for Sundowner Trailers.

NADA Guides does provide used values of Sundowner Trailers dating back to 1994. These trailers have living quarters and are classified under their categories for fifth wheel and travel trailers.

Trending Sundowner Values

2006 Sundowner 727
2000 Sundowner Sierra


1999 Sundowner TL

Estimated value

2018 Sundowner Horizon

Book value on 2018 Sundowner Horizon

2005 Sundowner 727

What is a price for 2005 Sundowner 727 BP 3 Horse Slant

2010 Sundowner Horizon 6906

What is the value of my Sundowner Horizon 6906 2 horse slant load with living quarters

1995 Sundowner Showman

What is value on 2 horse gooseneck trailer

Horse Trailer


Sundowner Blue Book Value

3 Horse Weekender Horse Trailer
3h With Dressing Room Horse Trailer
4 Horse Stall Horse Trailer
6906 Horse Trailer
727 3 Horse Slant Horse Trailer
8009 Horizon Horse Trailer
8010 Horse Trailer
8012 Horse Trailer
8018 Horse Trailer
Bunkhouse Horse Trailer
Horizon 6906 Horse Trailer
Horizon 6909 Horse Trailer
Horizon 8014 Horse Trailer
Living Quarter Horse Trailer
Ranch Horse Trailer
Sante Fe Horse Trailer
Sunlite 725 Horse Trailer
Sunlite 777 Horse Trailer
Sunlite LQ Horse Trailer
Sunlite Stampede SL Horse Trailer
Value Horse Trailer
Value Lite Horse Trailer
Valuelite Horse Trailer
Valulite Horse Trailer
3 Horse Pro Stock Trailer
4 Horse Gooseneck Trailer
4 Horse Goosneck Trailer
6 Horse Trailer
6906R Trailer
720 M8016 Trailer
Charter SE Trailer
Enclosed Cargo Trailer
Living Quarters Trailer
Low Pro 16 Trailer
Outdoorsman Trailer
Sportsman Trailer
Sunlite Trailer
Sunlite 727 Trailer
Trail Trailer

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SundownerQ & A

Sundowner Values

1995 Sundowner Sierra Sunlight
2006 Sundowner 777
2001 Sundowner 8010
1993 Sundowner 720
2007 Sundowner Sunlite 727
2000 Sundowner 4H Slant
2003 Sundowner Sun Lite 727
1999 Sundowner 6910LQ
1995 Sundowner Sierra
2007 Sundowner 8018
2012 Sundowner Horizon
2005 Sundowner 727
2005 Sundowner Sunlite 727
2018 Sundowner Horizon
2015 Sundowner Charter SE