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Market Rank: 95

- Horse Trailer

Last 5 Used Values
2016 Trails West MX
2005 Trails West Sierra
1997 Trails West 3 Horse
1997 Trails West Slant
2019 Trails West Adventure

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Trails West
65 North 800 West
Preston, Idaho 83263

PO Box 67
Preston, Idaho 83263

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Blue Book

Trails West fifth wheel horse trailers with living quarters have blue book values available from 1998 to 2013 with NADA Guides.

Trails West Blue Book Values

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Trending Trails West Values

2014 Trails West Adventure
2005 Trails West Sierra

Q & A

2000 Trails West Sierra Weekender

What is the current value on a 2000 Trails West Sierra Weekender (4H slant with LQ) gooseneck horse trailer?

2008 Trails West Classic

I would like the value of trails west classic 3 horse gooseneck weekender with toilet/shower combo

2008 Trails West TRL

I would like to get the blue book value on a 2008 Trails West Classic II 3 Horse Slant Bumper Pull Horse Trailer approximately 15k miles. Good condition.


2006 Trails West Classic 4 Horse

Need a value for a 2006 Tails West Classic 4 horse gooseneck mid tack

2000 Trails West Baron II

Value in good condition

2006 Trails West Adventure

Value of 2006 Trails West horse trailer

2017 Trails West Chris Burandt

Value of the trailer

2008 Trails West Hot Shot 20

I would like the value of a 20" hot shot trailer by Trails west. This trailer is in fair condition. This is a straight stock trailer.

2014 Trails West RPM

I want to know the resale value of this trailer

Horse Trailer

Trails West Blue Book Value

1212SO Horse Trailer
13850 Horse Trailer
4 Slant Horse Trailer
4HS Horse Trailer
Adventure Gooseneck Horse Trailer
Baron 2 Horse Trailer
Baron II Horse Trailer
Classic 3 Horse Horse Trailer
Classic 4 Horse Horse Trailer
Hot Shot 20 Horse Trailer
Living Qaurters Horse Trailer
Manufacturing Horse Trailer
Royale Horse Trailer
Royale SXST Horse Trailer
RPM Horse Trailer
Santa Fe 2 Horse Trailer
Santa Fe Stock Combo Horse Trailer
Sante Fe II Horse Trailer
Sierra 11 Horse Trailer
Sierra 4 Horse Horse Trailer
Sierra 4H Horse Trailer
Sierra II Horse Trailer
Sierra Select II Horse Trailer
Hot Shot Trailer

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Trail West

Trails WestQ & A

Trails West Values

2016 Trails West MX
2005 Trails West Sierra
1997 Trails West 3 Horse
1997 Trails West Slant
2019 Trails West Adventure
1992 Trails West Santa Fe 2
2000 Trails West Sante Fe II
2007 Trails West 2 Horse Slant Load
2007 Trails West Sierra
1992 Trails West Gooseneck 3 Horse Slant
2002 Trails West Classic
2009 Trails West 3H
2017 Trails West Adventure
2008 Trails West Sierra 3H
1998 Trails West Sierra