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Classic Car (31) Blue Book 
What Defines A Classic Car
Open Questions
Hi, I Have A 1967 Dodge Dart Gt Non-running Condition. I'm Attempting To Find Out The Value Of This Vehicle. Factory 273 Automatic Transmission. The Tranny Does Not Work And The Engine Is Only A Longblock With Over 100,000miles. I'm Filling Bankruptcy And Must Show The Value Of This Vehicle. Thank You For Any Help With This Matter.
I Have A 71 VW Bug With Factory Sunroof I Bought It In 78/I'm The Second Owner It's Not In Great Shape But Was Wondering If You Could Give Me An Estimated Value? Thank You
Value Of A 1969 Lincoln Mark 3,with 85,000 Miles #3 Condition
Value Of A 1986 Cosica El Camino 76,000 Miles Excellent Inside & Out Two-tone Grey
Can You Give Me The Blue Book Value Of A 1977 GMC Truck?