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Team Work Goals
After your employees have formed their work teams it is important that they set Team Work Performance Goals. By being goal oriented they will stay focused and keep their "eyes on the prize". A focused team is a potent team. Never underestimate the power of a highly goal oriented team. After their goals are set and written down on the Team Work Performance Goals worksheet have them visualize the completion of their specific goals daily.

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Teamwork Performance Goals

Questions to ask when setting goals :

1. What would your employees say if you asked them what is the most important issue that your company or organization is facing?

2. What do your employees see as the most important quality concern that needs to be addressed?

Suggestions for setting Goals :

1. Goals should be achievable, measurable and you should set a date to accomplish them by.

2. Employees should be included in the issues that they influence this will maximize quality, productivity and employee involvement.

Teamwork Performance Goals Worksheet :

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