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Church Meeting Agenda

About Church Meeting Procedures
Most organizations agree to use "Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised" to govern Parliamentary procedure in order that meetings can be conducted smoothly. Often an individual in a church will be assigned to become sufficiently familiar with "Robert's Rules of Order" to answer parliamentary procedure questions that may arise during any meeting. Issues that give rise to a motion, discussion and a vote are governed by the steps outlined for "Motions" in "Robert's Rules of Order"; their official website is .

What Is A Church Meeting Agenda
Church organizations generally have a united purpose to fulfill; one of the ways a congregation participates in determining specific activities toward accomplishing its goals is to hold a periodic meeting, to be conducted by a designated person, often the President of the church or the Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors, with another person assigned to take minutes of the meeting's action items.

The outline of the planned meeting is called an Agenda - a list or outline of things to be considered and actions to be assigned.

Sample Of A Church Meeting Agenda
Hymn/Scriptural Selection/Prayer
Churches often begin by setting the tone for the meeting with a lifting of thought through singing a hymn in unison and having an individual present brief Scriptural readings that address primary issues at hand.

Reading of Minutes from previous meeting
Then the commonly accepted Agenda for the meeting is to read the Minutes taken at the last Meeting and put them for a vote of the congregation for approval - this is where appropriate changes or corrections are made, prior to filing in the church records.

Correspondence that has been received is shared, followed by a series of reports - from the Executive Board, Treasurer, Committees, and various Ministries. The meeting is open to questions during these reports and Actions are often assigned to an individual or committee (actionee), along with a targeted completion date.

On this Agenda, elections would come next, if required.

Unfinished Business/New Business
The next order of business is titled "Unfinished Business", which involves bringing a review of previously assigned actions, and deciding which ones can be retired, and which ones require further action. This is followed by "New Business" - actions, actionees, and target completion dates are assigned as each order of business is presented and discussed.

Announcements/Remarks for the good of the church
Announcements generally follow the business portion of the meeting. Being a church organization, often there is a time designated for "Remarks for the good of the Church" following all of the church business items.

A benediction then unites thought in the continuing progress of the congregation, followed by the official end to the meeting, called Adjournment.